How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile In 5 Easy Steps

September 11, 2010

Most worthwhile projects or goals require a number of steps and perseverance over time to accomplish. Anything at all complicated requires preparation, know-how and perseverance through several steps over a period of time. All of that is also true about anything like choosing to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Here’s how to do just that in […]

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Top 3 Tips For Improving Your Search Rank on LinkedIn

September 8, 2010

Many have succeeded at improving their search rank on LinkedIn while a good many others have failed. The differences between good results and poor results is often in the way the individual doing it approaches the challenge. Here are three tips to help you be one of the winners, as a person who succeeds. Follow […]

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3 Reasons You Should brand yourself starting today

August 24, 2010

Why might you want to start your personal branding efforts today ? There are a lot of positive things in favor of that idea, few against. The usual reason for NOT seriously considering is inertia. Scarcity of good info is sometimes the reason. Other times it’s fear of the unknown. Often it is not know […]

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How can I get rid of bad press?

August 6, 2010

Bad press, articles and blog posts that are not helping our brand or comments that will damage our reputation online and offline are the main concerns of every newcomer to Social Media. Have it ever happened to you or have you ever seen this happening to somebody you know? How can we tackle these situations? […]

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Your company URL in LinkedIn

July 16, 2010

Today I’ve just stumbled upon the following situation. One of my connections in LinkedIn works at Island Holiday Rentals but when you move the mouse over the current position she appears to work for TinyURL. You can see this in the attached picture. I tried to figure out what happened and why LinkedIn decided that […]

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10 places where I get ideas for tweets and blog posts

July 15, 2010

Everybody is going through this from time to time. Either when you start blogging, or when you are on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and you want to update your status but you have no idea what to write about. I read a lot of posts on topics like Social Media, Online Marketing, Personal Branding or […]

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How to increase your Twitter followers

July 4, 2010

About a year ago I decided to give Twitter a try. I have opened an account and started to follow different people which were interesting. I wanted to tweet but I didn’t know what to tweet about. Then I joined IMU and I started to tweet about the sessions and the great things we learned there. So […]

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10 reasons to start blogging

June 12, 2010

A lot of people are blogging. We read their posts, sometimes we comment on them, other times we tweet them or launch a discussion on LinkedIn. But should we start blogging? Why should we start blogging? Bloggers have a lot of reasons why they started in the first place. In time most of the bloggers […]

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Delivering happiness

June 7, 2010

Today Delivering Happiness, the book by Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO is ready for shipping. I’ve been lucky enough to get not one but two copies of th is great book (read the full story here). And last week I have finished my reading of Tony’s book. This book will make you uncomfortable if you: 1. […]

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5 LinkedIn frequent mistakes that damage your personal brand

April 30, 2010

Couple of days ago I looked at my LinkedIn connections profile and activity and  I’ve noticed some mistakes that keep on repeating. Here are my findings: 1. Not completing your profile. From my connections 41.1% have no recommendations and 26.3% have no photo on their LikedIn profile. The truth is that when you search somebody […]

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