Improving Your Personal Branding with More LinkedIn Visibility

by Adrian Chira on March 28, 2015

LiprofilePersonal branding is a great way to get yourself out there, and get your skills recognized. LinkedIn is, by far, the most powerful professional network for doing just that. But do you know how to make sure people can actually see you on LinkedIn? Visibility is just as important to personal branding as it is for your blog, company webpage, or personal webpage. Here, we will let you in on a few great tips that can quickly and easily improve who can see you on LinkedIn.

Add Real People

How many people do you know who are on LinkedIn that you have not yet added? Although you might not do this too often on other social media pages, LinkedIn is a great place to professionally network. And having a large professional network is just one form of personal branding. Add contacts from conferences, past places of employment, and more. Take a few minutes once every few weeks to go through the possible people that you might know part of your profile. Chances are you do, in fact, know at least a few people there. Be sure to connect with this people.

Get in on Groups

Want people to know who you are and that you know your stuff? Then join a few LinkedIn groups! These groups focus on specific topics or common interested. Find just one or two you are truly interested in. We recommend that you take a look at these pages at least weekly. Be sure to interact with others on these pages. Once people see that you are actively interacting with others on the site, they are more likely to add you as a connection. Showing your skills and knowledge to others is also another fantastic way to build your personal brand.

Throw In Keywords Phrases

We do not recommend that you stuff your LinkedIn profile summary with a bunch of keywords. However, if you can work in a keyword phrase or two, go for it. Aim for a natural tone, here. And remember that you are writing about yourself, so do write it in first person (using I and my). Adding keyword phrases can help other potential connections find you through search engines. It may also help those on the site to find you, as well. Making sure that people can find you is just half the battle in personal branding online.

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