What options do you have to show your expertise on Linkedin?

by Adrian Chira on February 12, 2013

Get the answers you need without LinkedIn AnswersSome time ago one of the best ways to show your expertise on LinkedIn was to answer a lot of questions. There was a special section of the site where you could post or answer other users’ questions, they could select your answer as a good one or even choose it as the best answer. When you had a best answer, LinkedIn would have called you an expert in that field and Voila! you just have shown your expertise.

Unfortunately, on January 31st, LinkedIn discontinued the Answers section. Now all that effort is gone. What can you do, how can you prove your expertise in the post LinkedIn Answers Era?

1. Post your questions and answers in LinkedIn Groups. Just after LinkedIn made the announcement that it will close the Answers a lot of groups just popped up offering the possibility to post your questions and get answers. Some of these are: L,din Answers, The Write Answers or Job Search Q&A

2. Post interesting things as status updates. If you are an expert in marketing then you should post interesting things about marketing, if you are an expert in virtualization, you should post interesting things about your field of expertise. Also if you have questions you may post them too. For sure you will not reach the same audience but you may get some interesting answers.

3. Linkedin Polls. In order to ask a question you can use a poll. To create one go to http://polls.linkedin.com. They are the best when you are doing some research.

4. Create a SlideShare presentation and post it on your profile. Promote it to or connections. This is an easy way to showcase your expertise.

5. Post videos of what you do for a living on your profile. You have a speaking engagement, make a short movie of it and post it to Youtube and then add it to your profile. If you are looking for a job, make a short video CV and post it to your profile.

6. If you still need some quick answers use Quora instead. Quora is similar with LinkedIn Answers but is used to ask and answer questions from various fields. It will not help you to showcase your expertise on Linkedin but it will give you quick results.

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