Quick networking tip

by Adrian Chira on March 21, 2011

Quick networking tip

Here is a short tip that I heard from Paul JR Renaud some time ago.

When you attend an event you should position yourself at the door. Then see who comes in, say “Hello”, shake their hands and introduce yourself. Then say “Talk to you later” and go the the next person who comes in. Repeat this with ten or more people and then during the event go and discuss with people you already met. In this way you get to be noticed by people and in the room there are at least 10 persons that think that they will talk to you later. This works very well especially if you are shy.

Do you have some networking techniques that you use? Share them with us bellow.

Photo credits: VOKA-KAMER

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Cathy May 25, 2011 at 12:55 am

Thanks for such an excellent tip!

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