Personal Brand Optimization

by Adrian Chira on April 9, 2010

Since personal branding is going mainstream and everybody has a brand that we nurture consistently or not, a new discipline has come to life. Personal Brand optimization should help us to make our brand more visible, rank better in search engines (like SEO – search engine optimization but instead of optimizing our site or blog it makes this for our brand, online and offline), get a loyal and interested audience, manage our reputation, manage our social media presence, align your personal brand with the organization or with your work.

Early signs of Personal Brand Optimization are present for some time. There are services that help you manage your online reputation and clean the digital dirt (online content that damages to your personal brand). ReputationDefender or Online Reputation Manager are just a couple of such services. Digital dirt can be either removed (which is pretty hard) or swept under the carpet (i.e. make other content about you rank better in search engines). There are other tools that measure your twitter or facebook presence or services that increase your twitter followers or optimize your LinkedIn profile. Some of these are free, other are for a fee.

Personal Brand Optimization will become an ongoing process for most of us. With the emergence of services like Unvarnished no one can have complete control of what is said about his brand online. We will have to monitor our brands daily (some of us are already doing that), communicate our messages effectively to our target audiences and clean whatever digital dirt may occur. Unfortunately we cannot find a single resource or tool that can help us optimize our personal brand. It’s still the early days of Personal Brand Optimization but I think that we will not need to wait too much for these type of services to emerge.

Have you optimized your personal brand today?

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André Jonassen April 8, 2013 at 10:17 pm

Another good thing to do is to register everywhere. Well, not literary, but Google and other search engines love social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedInm MySpace, AboutMe, Pinterest, you name it!

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