Personal brand perception or what do people think about you?

by Adrian Chira on March 11, 2010

Personal branding is about perceptions. You have to find out the way you others think about you, compare this with the way you perceive yourself and then express your personal brand the way you want and is relevant for your audience. So the very first thing when you want to develop your personal brand is to assess how are you perceived by others. This is easier to say than done, but there is a tool that can help you in this process.

Similar with corporate brands, when you want to figure out people’s perception of a brand you start questioning a sample of them. You can do this by interviewing people that know you well or you can use a 360 degrees assessment tool. If you decide to use interviews, they have to be performed by a neutral third party and the interviewed people should know you well and should be briefed about the scope of the collected data. Then you will need a Personal Branding Analyst to analyze the data, find patterns and develop a personalized report of the way your brand is perceived.

You can skip all this hassle using 360 Reach. You can use it free if you decide to choose the basic version or you can select the premium version. For the free version you get to use the tool for 15 days. This can be enough if you have been already through the process and you know what to expect. Unfortunately for the free version you get only the raw data. You will need an analyst to deliver you a personalized report but if you choose the premium version you will get to use 360 Reach for 45 days (which is more than enough from my experience) and you will get a personalized report.

360 Reach is a personal brand assessment tool. It consists of a questionnaire that is sent to your respondents, an administration interface and a report generator. From the administration interface you can change a little the questions from the questionnaire, the message that is sent to your respondents, you can send reminders and you can view the raw results. At the end, when you decide that you got sufficient responses you can generate your customized report ( this is the report I got when I first used the tool) if you upgraded to the premium version.

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