LinkedIn Quick Tip: How To Set Your Vanity Profile URL

LinkedIn Quick Tip If you care about your digital footprint for sure you are not satisfied with the profile link that you get by default from LinkedIn. Mine looked something like: . I have to admit that this is not one of the easiest links that I can share. But as may other social networks did already, LinkedIn offers the possibility to customise your public profile URL. You just need to click  here and you will be redirected to the page where you can select  the last part of your profile link. I have chosen my name to be the custom part of my link but you there are some other people that used some other words to personalise  their URLs. Here are some examples: Career, Sport, Sports, or Entrepreneur.

The choice is yours but here are some pros’ for choosing your name:

1. Your name is also the name of your brand so it is important to own all the links that have your name in it (including the LinkedIn one)

2. If you have a popular name, if you do not grab it first some one else will and people who search for your name will get on someone else page.

On the other hand is you want to brand yourself as a specialist in one field you may use the name of that field (best in case that field gets many relevant searches). Unfortunately none of the example above made to the first 30 search results in Google so not too much traffic is coming your way. For sure you can try a combination but I would recommend it only if your name is already taken.

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Webstock 2010

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